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Collect customer reviews on autopilot

Collect customer reviews on autopilot with our beautifully simple testimonial request forms.
April Z.
Updated 1 year ago

Collect customer reviews on autopilot with our beautifully simple testimonial request forms

Review Forms are customer-facing testimonial capture forms, which are sent to your customers via SuperLinks.

Collecting reviews from customers has always been a challenge. Review Forms are a simple but powerful way to earn your business the glowing reviews it deserves.

With clever features like SmartAvatars, SuperLinks, and the ability to direct customers to other platforms, you can remove hurdles and increase testimonial conversion rates like never before.

Example Review Form page

Create your unique review form in minutes

Review Forms are fully customizable to your brand and use case. Add a logo, change the colors, edit text, and specify which data you’d like to collect.

It’s all done in a few minutes so you can get on with collecting your customer testimonials.

Pre-fill the form with customer data with SuperLinks

Nobody enjoys filling out a form. SuperLinks make your customers’ lives easier by populating the Review Form with the information you already hold on them.

By removing hurdles you can allow your customers to focus on what they came to do — leave your business glowing feedback.

Enable your customers to put a face to the name with SmartAvatars

It’s a fact that faces sell. We are more likely to trust a review if we can see it came from a real person. We make it easy for customers to add avatars from social accounts in a couple of clicks. They can also upload their own photo in seconds with our fast uploader.
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