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How do I set up a campaign?

In this article we go over how to setup AutoRequests.
April Z.
Updated 1 year ago
In this article we go over how to set up AutoRequests. Please note, you must have created a Review Form already to link to the AutoRequest.

  1. Go to the AutoRequests screen and choose your objective.

    AutoRequests page screen

    Campaign type options

  2. Select the Review Form you want viewers to be directed to.

    Review Form selection example

  3. Set up the days and times you would like the messages delivered. Customize the timezone.

    Schedule example

  4. Select which contacts in the system you would like added to the AutoRequest schedule.

    Contacts settings example

  5. Select and customize one of our pre-made outreach templates or start one from scratch. We have various pre-made templates to collect testimonials as well as niche templates for various "side hustles" our clients can use.

    Template options

  6. Edit the SMS and Email messages and create a drip sequence.

    SMS Request settings example

    Email Request settings example

    Drip sequence example

  7. Access each AutoRequest to edit and view analytics through the dashboard.

    AutoRequests screen to edit and view analytics
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